Establishment of a Public Institution

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Main information

What do you need to know

    • The number of the founders is not limited, one founder is sufficient;
    • A public institution is a non-profit public legal entity with limited civil liability. It’s purpose is to satisfy public interest through education, training and scientific, cultural, health care, environmental protection, sports development, social or legal assistance areas, as well as other activities of public benefit;
    • Public Institution may be established electronically or via notary.

Documents and information required

  1. Company’s name;
  2. Operational objectives;
  3. Details of the founder(s);
  4. Director’s details;
  5. Amount of founder’s contribution;
  6. Registration address (we can provide ours);
  7. Company’s contact details: e-mail address and phone number;
  8. Information about other managing bodies: board, auditor, etc.


up to 3-5 workdays


from 399€ + notary fee

Included in the price

  1. Consultation;
  2. Documents preparation;
  3. Company’s address in Vilnius;
  4. Registry fees;
  5. JADIS submission.

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