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What do you need to know

We can set up a company with your name or you can choose an already made company by clicking HERE

Documents and information required

  1. Company’s name;
  2. Operational objectives;
  3. Details of the shareholder(s);
  4. Director’s details;
  5. Registration address (we can provide ours);
  6. Amount of authorized capital and distribution of shares to shareholders;
  7. Company’s contact details: e-mail address and phone number.


 up to 5-7 workdays


from 599€

Included in the price

  1. Consultation;
  2. Documents preparation;
  3. Registry fees;
  4. Formation of the authorized capital;
  5. Company’s address in Vilnius;
  6. Registration of the shareholder(s) and the manager in the State Enterprise Center of Registers;
  7. Notary fee for one shareholder (for each additional shareholder +39€).

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