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In business or other relationships, physical and legal persons regularly enter into various contracts. Properly drafted contracts ensure the protection of the interests of the parties to the contract, reduce the possibility of legal disputes that may arise and create the best legal conditions and means for the parties to achieve their objectives smoothly.

Thus, in order to ensure close and clearly stated principles of mutual cooperation, we recommend consolidating a civil legal relationship by signing a contract that meets your needs.

We prepare various types of agreements quickly, with high quality and taking into account the client’s needs:

  • Civil (service) contract with the director of the small partnership;
  • Employment contracts;
  • Usage agreements;
  • Joint activities, associations, partnership agreements;
  • Confidentiality agreements;
  • Loan agreements;
  • Exchange agreements;
  • Agreements of purchase and sale of company’s shares;
  • Co-operation agreements;
  • Lease and sublease agreements;
  • Service contracts;
  • Shareholders’ agreements;
  • Other agreements.


The price for contracts preparation starts from 50 Eur (depending on complexity and individual preferences).

Additional information

At the customer’s request, we prepare contracts in two languages.

We also prepare decisions and minutes of the shareholders’, board members’, directors’ meeting, requests, claims, requirements to fulfill the obligation, court orders and etc.

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