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Main information

What do you need to know

  • LTD can be reorganized into Small Partnership, Individual Company and Public Institution;
  • Small Partnership can be reorganized into LTD, Individual Company and Public institution;
  • Individual Company can be reorganized into LTD, Small Partnership and Public Institition;
  • Public Institution can be reorganized into a Charity and Support Fund.

Documents and information required

  1. Company’s extract from the Registry;
  2. Articles of Association;
  3. Shareholders/Members or others list;
  4. List of creditors;
  5. Interim balance;
  6. If will be changed – new name, new address and new contact details.


7-30 workdays


from 349€ + notary fee


Included in the price

  1. Consultation;
  2. Documents preparation;
  3. Representation at the notary’s office and the State Enterprise Center of Registers;
  4. Registry fees;
  5. Public notice in the Registry’s newspaper.

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